Your all in one family owned and fully insured pet care service

We walk while you work, we stay while you vacay, we scoop when they poop, and we cruise when you need to snooze!

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  • CPR and First Aid Certified

    We understand the importance of ensuring peace of mind, and with this certification it brings that much more ease to our dedicated families.

    "Health and safety are always our biggest priority!”

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  • Solar Eclipse 2024

    Our dynamic duo of Myles and Bailey.
    “What’s the hype dad? I can’t see s*** in these things!”

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  • Buddies Team

    For our furry friends, this happiness lasts a lifetime!

    "Everyone pose for the picture with Co Owner Jacquelyn and our newest buddy Marisa!"

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  • Buddies Van Fun

    Leave the transportation to Jacquelyn and Bailey!

    “Everyone strap in, safety first!”

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