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Lost Dog Assistance

Lost Dog Assistance

Baileys Buddies

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Over here at Bailey’s Buddies we value all of our pups whether they are part of our pack or not. If your dog suddenly gets out and you are in need of quick, professional assistance free of charge, we are here to lend a helping paw! 

Bailey himself has been able to contain over a dozen pups on different occasions when they get out of their homes or off of the leash on a walk. With the assistance of his pup Myles, his high value treats, and extra utilities on demand, the extra lending paws could be of great assistance! 🐾

Give us a call immediately with as much information as possible and we will work our best to get over to you and your family as soon as possible! 

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Baileys Buddies

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a service?

We ask that for all service purchases you contact us directly, via text or call, at (631)233-9399 to ensure that your pricing is appropriate for the services you need!

How do I schedule a walk?

For new friends give us a call at (631)233-9399 and we will set up a meet and greet to get to know your pup. Following this, you can schedule as many or as little walks as you want per week and we will set you up with a custom package that works for you.

Can I package services together?

Absolutely! We can create a custom package for your specific needs and you will qualify for reduced pricing! Please contact us, via text or call, at (631)233-9399 for more information!